My name is Ana.
I was born in 1986, Covilhã - Portugal - where I lived and studied until I was 23.
Art was always part of my life. Soon I realized that I loved drawing and creating original things. I was never satisfied and I liked to customize everything (clothes, notebooks, cases, backpacks, bags...).
Although I studied science for sometime (another area I always liked) I wanted to pursue my career in arts.

I graduated in Multimedia Design - UBI, Covilhã.
During this path I discovered the beauty of children's world and the potencial of their imagination so I started creating illustrations for them. And I never stoped! 

Currently I'm based in Lisbon (Portugal) with my husband and our son and I work as a freelance illustrator, mostly for children's books.
Welcome to my portfolio!​​​​​​​
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