My name is Ana Fonseca.

I was born in 1986, Covilhã - Portugal - where I lived and studied until I was 23.
Art was always part of my life. Soon I realized that I loved drawing and creating original things. I was never satisfied and I liked to customize everything (clothes, notebooks, cases, backpacks, bags...).
Although I studied science for sometime (another area I always liked) I wanted to pursue my career in arts.

I graduated in Multimedia Design - 2008 @ UBI - Covilhã.
During this path I discovered the beauty of children's world and the potencial of their imagination so I started creating illustrations for them. And I never stoped!

Currently I'm based in Lisbon (Portugal) with my husband and our son.
I work as a freelance illustrator. I illustrate children's books, clothes, games, apps and everything that needs some magical touch.

If you think my art match your project please feel free to contact me.
Use the form below 
↓ or send email to !!
Thank you!
Some of my clients:
Hinkler Books | Wharton Apps | Zero a Oito | Soregra Editores | Opera Omnia | Deedoo | MySugar, Lda | Toranja

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